Friday, November 4, 2011


Its 4am and I can't sleep.  Being a mommy is so hard at times.  I often find myself worrying about what I'm doing is right.  Lately its been his sleep.
Typically night sleeping is what most moms worry about.  As for me, it's day time sleeping.  I'm so frustrated and I find myself worrying about it a lot.  He sleeps so randomly during the day.  There for awhile he would not sleep from 9am-1 or 2pm.  Now he sleeps from 9-12 and wont sleep  in the afternoon.  I find that when he has a morning and afternoon nap that he sleeps much better at night sleeping longer stretches.  If not he is up every 3 hours which I don't mind at all.

I'm not a baby wise mom.  Well, I haven't read the book and I find myself not wanting to read it either. Is that wrong.  No offense to other moms out there who do it, but I don't have the desire/heart to let him cry it out at this point of his life.  I want to nurture him. Maybe I should read it first before criticizing. :)

One problem we have  is that Justin and I get antsy being at home so I like to go out a lot.  Isaiah sleeps great when we are out and about but when we are home all day he does not nap well.  Maybe I'm worrying about it too much. Maybe I need to take a week at home, not leaving the house specifically working on naps.

Any of you moms have any advice or reassurance?


Oh Dear said...

I confess. I am Baby Wise (it was called Preparations for Parenting back in my day and was written by a Christian couple.)
I established a predictable schedule and the babies fell into it.
If I wanted to go to Lex. Mall, I always made sure I was near Lazarus at feeding time (because I knew it was coming due to the schedule.) Oh, it is Macy's now but they had the best seating in the restroom area for hungry babies!

Eat, play, sleep schedule worked for me and my babies and the more I stuck to it, the better off we all were. Now, that is what worked for me but YOU are the mama and know your little man better than anyone!

The Taylors said...

How is he doing now? I found with my little ones that being out and being stimulated by lots of new things seemed to make them go to sleep a lot easier, which was why they slept while we were out and about. I thought for the longest time that all my kiddos were antisocial and just wanted to be left But being out wore them out mentally so they slept, whereas being at home they weren't seeing new things and trying to catch every little thing that was passing their eyes, so they were less tired and did not want to sleep. I am big believer in schedules and routines especially with my kids they know what is going to happen and know we try not to deviate from the schedule. Its bad my kids know what time breakfast is so they get up at the same time every morning and they get up without a fuss, but the only down side is that there is no sleeping in, we do the same thing each day no matter what. It took a while, but we are there and it works for us the kids are in bed by 7 each night and sleep till 6 am so mommy and daddy sometimes have date night on the couch or mommy can study :)
I never could do the cry it out thing either, but Dante never needed it. Aubree had to have the routine b/c she was a co-sleeper until the boys were born. Donovan still tries to change the routine he is our biggest challenge, I am sure we will be at the school for him all the time, he does not like authority. We did end up having to let Aubree cry it out some but she was 2 and it did not feel like abandonment cause she could get out of her bed and come to us if she really needed something. but it will catch on, some kids need both naps mine have always had a long nap after lunch 12-3 (and still do, although now I think they are wanting a little change. Aubs is in school and only does it on the weekends and Dino stays up and just lays in the bed--the developmental therapist says quiet play is good for them.)
try different things and see what works for little Isaiah.
You're doing fine, they don't come with manuals and directions you know.

The Art of Homemaking said...

This all looks like great advice. You know me...I'm like you. I avoid the books and just go with the flow. Sometimes probably not the best approach :/
Love you friend~