Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm still PREGNANT!!!

Ok, so I know I haven't done much blogging on here likely because we have been so busy working on the house, transition of jobs,  church stuff, and just pure exhaustion from being pregnant.  I wish I blogged more about my pregnancy, but every time I would sit to do it I wouldn't know what to say.  

As for now, I don't really know what to say :)

Tomorrow I will be 41 weeks pregnant.  Yes I'm still working.  I'm patiently waiting for the babies arrival.  Its so interesting to hear everyone's comments when they see me.  

"Your still pregnant."
"When are they going to induce you."
"OMG, your still here?  I thought you'd be off by now." 
"What's your doctors plan?"

Its been fun hearing the comments and getting to say, "Yep, I'm still here, working, patiently waiting."  Everyone has a remedy to induce labor.  I've heard everything.  Have lots of sex, take primrose, drink castor oil, walk, walk, walk, jump on a trampoline, eat spicy food, eat pineapple, go for a run, swallow semen (yes, someone gave me that advice), take the stairs, blah, blah, blah.  Do you really think I'm sitting at home just laying on the couch?!?!?  Well, some nights I am. :)  

It's also been overwhelming to hear how many comments I get about needing to be induced.  It is such a common practice that its expected.  If your baby's not here by your due date then Pitocin it is.  People look at me crazy when I say that I could wait until 42 weeks before induction.  Some really do say I'm crazy.  If you look at the statistics most 1st time moms can be ~8 days past their due date before the baby is born and can be pregnant 42 weeks safely.  

Of course I have been emotional, tired, frustrated, and some days screaming for this baby to come out.  Especially when I'm getting comments constantly about it.  It's not easy waiting, but I care more about letting nature take its course than using medications.  I'm not opposed to medications, I just want to make sure I tried to go as long as possible before initiating them.  

I actually would love to have a home birth.  I have watched so many videos of home birth and want to cry every time. The experience is so intimate, natural, and bonding.  Who knows, maybe with baby #2.

So yes, I am still waiting for baby to come.  I love him so much and can't wait to meet him.  If anything, what I want to hear is encouragement to persevere, that I'm doing a good job by waiting, and affirm me that I'm not crazy.  :)  

Tomorrow I go for my 41 week appointment.  They will do an ultrasound and check my fluid levels and hopefully give me the ok to wait one more week.  Yes I also know about getting my membranes stripped, just saying.  


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Kristen said...

You go girl! I'm thinking of you and your little guy! I love that you're waiting and not going straight in for induction. You're sooo right about everyone just expecting that as soon as you're like 10 minutes past your due date. One of my best friends was 2 weeks "late" (or right on time, depending on how you look at it :) and had a healthy baby boy at home! You can totally do this!!