Saturday, June 4, 2011

Celebrating 5 years!

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!  It is always nice to know what has worked for everyone else.

Justin and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!!  I can't believe it's been 5 years already.  So much has happened.  This year Justin and I celebrated by treating ourselves to a very nice dinner at The Dish and then continued on with great conversation at the Beer Trappe.  I am blessed.

Justin took this picture of me while waiting for our food.

I can honestly say that I LOVE marriage.  I love my husband and I love being with him every day.  I remember when we were engaged and people would make their mean snide remarks about marriage. "oh honey, why would you do that for?"  

It's crazy how our society views marriage these days.  Many people have been hurt and then hurt others.  People are afraid of marriage.  Divorce numbers are higher than ever and many broken families exist. People have forgotten how to love.

Marriage is not easy.  It can bring out the worst in you.  There is no hiding. I have learned to use these moments as a point to change and transform.  The worst can be turned to good if we allow it.   I'm lucky my husband thinks the same way.  We both have blossomed in our marriage and have used it to become better people.  I have no doubt that our love will continue to grow.  If I'm not more in love with Justin than I was a year ago, then something is wrong.  I'm sure at 80 years old, Justin and I will look at each other in the eyes and be able to say we are more in love than we ever have been.

Cheers to the next 50 years ahead :)

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Rita said...

Very sweet! Congratulations to you & Justin! What wonderful words to read as Jason and I begin our journey towards marriage! :)