Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like the new blog design and new title?!  I needed a change.  I wish I was creative enough to come up with my own design.  I don't have photoshop though and even if I did, I still wouldn't know how to use it.

I haven't blogged in awhile.  One, I haven't had much to say.  Two, we continue to work on the house. Three,  this baby boy has taken all my energy. :)  

Yep, we are having a BOY!  We are super excited. I had a feeling from the beginning it would be a boy!  Everyone around me was cheering for a girl only because we are surrounded by Rhorer boys and Ball boys (my family).  As for girls, they run slim on both sides of the family.  However, everyone is stoked that there will be another boy addition to the family. 

I love being pregnant.  I actually feel really blessed.  I have not been sick or ill much during this pregnancy. For the first 3-4 weeks I was really nauseas and had food aversions, but most of the time I have been healthy and happy.  The only complaint I have had is how sleepy I am all the time.  I have slept more during this pregnancy than I have my entire life and I remain tired.  Its expected.  I know, I know....."This is your preparation for when the baby comes because you will get very little sleep."  I honestly look forward to no sleep.  Justin and have been waiting along time to start a family and we are soo ready.

Oh and the "pregnancy brain."  Wow, that really is true!  I have had that too which has been difficult for me.  I like things in order and there has not been much order around here lately. :)

Yes we have a name....  Isaiah Paul

Is it a family name?.... Isaiah is one of our favorite books of the bible and it is a strong name.  Paul is carried on from a few Rhorer generations. Justin's grandmother was saved reading Paul's writings in the New Testament and decided to name her first child Paul.  Both Justin and his dad carry the Paul name.

I love feeling Isaiah move.  I love getting bigger.  I love wearing maternity clothes.  I love shopping for him and creating a home for him.  I tear up thinking about it.  

To all you moms out there.....I have been working on my baby registry.  I would like to hear from you what you really needed and what was worth having and not worth having.  So if you have anything to share, I'd love to hear from you.  

1.  What did the baby sleep in the first few weeks of life before transitioning to the crib.
2.  If you used cloth diapers, did you like Bum Genious the best?
3.  Medulla pump in style or Medulla hands free pump?  I will be working full time and need a good pump.
4.  Advice on strollers?



Oh Dear said...

Our youngest is 3 and the pregnancy brain is still present! I have heard it is harder with girls and since I hit that mark 2/3-I am claiming the baby brain!

There is SO much that you do not need!
2/3 preferred sleeping in their carseat for the first couple of days. 1/3 went straight to the baby bed and surprisingly it was baby #2! We had my cradle that we used in our bedroom to keep baby close but my gfriend has a pack and play that has a raised level to keep mommy from having to bend all the way over (hard on your back) She had it for her 8 year old twins and now for their little sister. She has gotten lots of use out of it esp if you will travel with a toddler.

I like the travel system idea for a newborn just clicking in the seat but for toddler years my sister had an all terain stroller that folds down tight like an umbrella stroller with storage and the handles are taller. Even as a short person, I appreciated that!

I also like some kinds of battery operated music mobile that will turn itself off. The babies liked them too. Fisher Price has some music boxes that hang on the end of the crib that use lights and the works. It grew with our babies and was a favorite for all 3.

Tara said...


I am literally fighting tears as I read of how God has worked and is working in your life. What blessings! He is so good!!!

My two slept in a cradle that has been in my family for 4 or 5 generations. My kids' great-grandmother was laid in the same cradlle. I've also used the top "cradle" section of a play yard. My youngest started in the crib at night her first weekend home. I had a "positioner" for the oldest, but didn't bother with it for number 2.

The travel system is really nice and grows with baby. I have had two. Test drive them at the store before you buy from wherever. Thinner is better in tight store aisles (the wheels aren't too far apart) and being able to push with one hand is a must. I have loved also being able to fold it up with one hand and a light weight is nice to be able to pull it in and out of the car trunk with ease.

Congrats on Isaiah Paul. Lord willing we would love to meet him one day!


Kendra George said...

As you may know, Stanley always slept in his crib. Clara is sleeping just fine in the bassinet of our play yard. I know lots of people who use an actual bassinet right beside their bed, too. We did not do the cloth diapers so don't know much about that! And, I have the instyle pump and have been very satisfied with that. Don't know much about the hands free pump, but curious about it! That's my suggestion!!
Love ya, friend, you are going to be an awesome mommy!!

Keysha Hammons said...

The docs actually recommend keeping baby in your room for about 12 weeks because of SIDS. We used a bassinet because our room was small if u have room the pack and play would be the best and u could also do late night diaper changes on it. As for strollers, if u plan on using it a lot do a travel system of some type so that u can switch over without having to wake him. If not just get a NICE umbrella for occAsional use and then u will use it a lot when he is bigger. We have the uppa baby gluxe. It is a nice umbrella and has shoulder straps and can recline so babies all the way down to 5 lbs. Can use it, I think. But when she was young we used the chicco travel system and loved it. It was easy to out down and up. Congrats to you!!!!! Also I have the medela pump in style and then I got a pumping bandeau from mother nurture so that I could go hands free. U will be a great momma!!!!! Good luck!!

bekah woodall said...

1. that thingy that you can put right beside your bed that connects to your bed so he is sleep "with you" but not in your bed...
2. luvs... no matter how much you think you want to use cloth, that is just nasty... really really gross..
3.on your own kiddo...
4. get one that works...

Who can tell I’m not a mother... anyone?!?!

Anonymous said...

Erica, Hands free pump sounds good, but I always found it more effective to do one at a time and use massage to get the most out in the quickest time. Of course, I have droopy boobs to show for it : ) When I was working, it took about 10 minutes or less to do each side individually, so it really is your call. Unless you need to be at your computer while you pump, you don't need hands free. The best Medela personal use pump motor wise is the pump in style. I used that most and then when we had to travel was fortunate enough to purchase a freestyle on ebay for the road which does not require a plug in. LEt me know if you have any other pumping questions as I am the queen of pumping(stored MONTHS of breastmilk since December...still using it)! Good luck.

DOn't hesitate to purchase a gently used pump as you can replace all the sanitary stuff such as tubing and breast sheilds...Medela should last for a very long time or make the investment if you plan on using it for multiple the future! Have fun shopping!

Sarah MEndoza

The Taylors said...

I loved being pregnant as well and can honestly say there was no morning sickness just the tiredness...anyways Congrats on the the little boy!!! Love the name Isaiah Paul!
As far as your questions...the boys immediately went to their cribs in their room but we did have an awesome intercom system with video, but my parents were also there checking on them every hour and such...Aubree was in a bassinet beside our bed...she ended up in our bed b/c of her feeding schedule and having trachea malacia she had to eat frequent small meals and be elevated--anyways...
we tried cloth diapers but don't remember which brand we had just used a service locally where we live they provided the diapers and cleaned them all we had to do was flush and rinse them...I liked it at first but when the poop got to be more formed got tired of it pretty quickly and just went disposable. We didn't even bother with the boys.
LOVED the Medula pump In Style!!! i highly reccommend it! this is coming from the woman who breast fed 3 @ the same time...GO ME!!!! I was a stay at home mom with Aubree, well we were both home with Aubs the first 8 months (hence the quick second pregnancy--Aubree was 6 months when we conceived the boys) and I was at home 6 months with them. I spent most of my time home pumping when I wasnt feeding them and I also had to used a pill to increase myy production once the boys were born for like 2 weeks and then I pumped every hour on the hour to make sure to keep my supply up and ended up after the boys were a year giving it to Kosair. I used the medela and I also for a while I had the hospital grade pump as well to pump for the 1 I had in NICU. I still prefer the medela if you can't manually do it in a sufficient amount of time.
Strollers--buy a travel system to keep the baby in the car seat as to not have to keep waking the baby picking him up and strapping him in...I have more advice if you are in thee market for a double or triple keep me in mind when baby #2 is coming...j/k didn't mean to jinx you...