Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome to being a homeowner, ugh! :)

Justin and I are making a little progress with the house.  With the amount of time we have I think we have done pretty good.  When we first moved into the house we had instant plumbing problems that needed to be fixed right away so we could take showers, our washer broke and had to buy a new one, and the previous owner was entering on our property without permission. So with that said, at first it was a bit stressful, but now we are able to hang at home and get some rest with ease. So yes, the saying, "Welcome to home ownership!" is getting old and we are tired of hearing it.  We have a long to do list, but I have no doubt that it will be done before this baby is born :)

This is what we have done so far with the kitchen.

This is going to be the backsplash.

And we are planning on painting the cabinets white. Here's what to come in the near future.
1. Paint party
2. Trip to Ikea
3. Decorating
4. Cooking in my brand new kitchen

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Sarah Joyner said...

Hey Erica,
I just found your blog and would love to follow it. I just recently started blogging late last year . . . after the birth of our baby! Congrats on the beautiful house and the baby on the way . . . very exciting stuff! We are renovating a kitchen ourselves right now and I agree, owning a home can be over-rated, but it is fun to see and enjoy the "finished" project (it's never really finished). Also, congrats on your RD. I know you have worked very hard for that and that it is part of God's calling on your life.
Blessings, Sarah