Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where did June Go?!?!

I got a haircut. June 3, 2010 and celebrated our 4 year anniversary. Oh my goodness, I did not get a pic of us together again this year. I need to remember to do that. Geez..... 

I graduated!!!! June 4, 2010

After graduation, I took some time to visit my family, work LexReach, jam at ICHTHUS, participate in wedding festivities, and catch up with great friends.  Below is my new sister-n-law, Mrs. Sheena Rhorer. I love her!

Most of all I have got to spend an incredible amount of time with my hubs. This has been a major blessing for us both. I was able to travel to a Vineyard Worship Conference along side of him in Columbus, Oh. which was awesome. This time has been refreshing, encouraging, and fun.  We are currently reading a book together called Radical by David Platt. It is very challenging and awakening. A must read.

June has been a busy month and has seemed to zoom by.  I'm hoping for a slower July.

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