Monday, July 5, 2010

MEND bags

At Ichthus, Justin and I were cruising around the missions tent while waiting for Lecrae to play. We came upon the Invisible Children booth ,and I became fascinated with these new bags they were selling.

Justin and I love the mission and vision of Invisible Children.  These bags were created by women of Uganda. From their website, MEND is designed to seam a personal connection between products and their makers, while repairing the lives of women in distressed regions of the world.

"Our handbags are story-driven. Each piece carries the name of the seamstress who made it. Each individual name unlocks online profiles of each seamstress employed in our program. Through video bios and photos she will share how she is “on the MEND” because of a simple purchase.The women employed in our program are formerly abducted child soldiers, often used in captivity as sex slaves. Those lucky enough to escape, often with children of their own, are ostracized due to their affiliation with the rebels. They lack education, and are taught sewing as a part of their brief rehabilitation. With demand for seamstresses already sparse due to the war, many are left without the means to support themselves and their children." ~Invisible Children
Ooooo, I love these bags.  I can think of many great uses for it! The most important part is that I would be helping someone through this purchase. For now, we do not have the financial means to purchase this bag, but I do hope it will be possible in the near future!  Maybe this may spark an interest in you to support these women if you have the financial means.

Right now, we are not able to travel across the world, but there are so many projects, programs, missions, etc that we can be a part of financially and prayerfully. Invisible Children is one of many.....

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