Friday, June 5, 2009

Its been 3 years already!

It is hard to believe it already June. Time flies. That saying never gets old. Well, Justin and I celebrated our 3-year anniversary this past Wednesday. Woo Hoo! OMG…… Last year during this time I started this Blog! My first post was about our 2-year anniversary. Interesting! Sad to say…. we didn’t continue our tradition of going to the zoo. Maybe we will pick back up next year. I didn’t really feel like traveling so we stuck around Lexington. It was actually probably my favorite anniversary so far! It was very relaxing and we got to experience some of Lexington’s Best Restaurants that we have never experienced together. Our day went a little like this:

Slept in
Brunch at Alfalfa’s – I love their omelets!
Home for a nap
Shopping at Fayette Mall
Dinner at Murray’s – Best 14oz Ribeye I have ever experienced!
A visit to Tin Roof
Rented the movie Defiance, cuddled on the couch, cried (the movie was much for me)
Off to bed

Seriously, I loved every minute of my day. It was inexpensive and the most easy going day ever. The best part was spending it all with Justin.

I can definitely say every year of marriage gets better. I love married life and I love being married to Justin. I would never, ever, ever think to change him in for a new one. ha. We know each other more, we handle life situations better, and our conversations are far beyond what I could ask for. He's a dreamer and I am a planner and together we have so much fun! Spiritually God has taught me so much about myself in the past year which in return has made me a much better wife. I once read that Marriage is a continuous conversation. I can say that is deinitely true. Once conversation is cut off destruction is hanging around the corner.

Thanks Justin for putting up with me. Thanks for listening to me and allowing me to talk to you about everything. I'm sorry for all the times I have disappointed you or hurt you. I am thankful for your encouraging words, your loving heart, and your willingness to provide for our family. It has been the best three years of my life being married to you and I look forward to many, many, many more years together. Thanks for being open and honest with me. Thanks for allowing me to make mistakes, but also helping me learn from those mistakes. I know I would not be who I am or where I am without you beside me. You are a warrior, a gentlemen, courageous, handsome, Godly Man. I can trust that you are seeking God daily for wisdom and direction and that our plans are of the LORD's. I respect you greatly and I care more for you than words can describe. I love you, sweets!

anniversary #1

anniversary #2

anniversary #3

oops forgot to take pics....i'll take one of us tonight or something and post it on here....


justin said...

i'm getting uglier with age. geez. i look like a 90's youth pastor. - justin

Oh Dear said...

Justin, 90s Youth pastors have braided belts-got one of those?

Love that you took pictures each year. I wish we had done that and as our family grew added those little people too! We just celebrated 13 and I agree it is fast and the best days of my life!

Mindy Rohr said...

Look what a hottie your wife is though...I think it's okay to be a 90's youth pastor and pull a hot chick like that!