Sunday, May 31, 2009


Last Sunday was a special day. Justin was ordained. Actually we were both ordained. Wherever he goes I am with him. We are ONE. Let me fill you on some things that were going through my head about the week or so before. I didn’t grow up in the church so for me I really had no idea what ordination really was. I have never been to an ordination ceremony nor had I ever talked to anyone about it. I knew it was a BIG deal, but not really the meaning behind it. Justin didn’t ever talk about it, and I never really thought to ask. As the day came closer I found myself thinking more and more about it. What does being ordained mean? On my mind was, “Our taxes are going to change now.” I knew it was like a sending off and a time of being confirmed as a church minister following God’s calling. But my question was never really answered until Sunday.

Sunday, in our hearts and publicly, we were recognizing and confirming our call by God to ministry. We understood at this moment in time that we had gone through a period of discernment and training related to our call and then was authorized to take on the office of ministry.

Let me just say I was full of emotions that came out of nowhere. I thought I was just going to walk in with Justin, here the pastor preach, and he would give us a certificate. That was not the case at all. A few of our best friends were there in support and, of course, Justin’s family.

There were several pastors also being ordained, a few of them being our best friends. We were all called up front for laying of hands and prayer over us. It was at that moment the LORD broke me. It was so special being next to my husband and our best friends. I knew what they were going through, the calling God had on their hearts, on our hearts, and also the new places God was calling some of us to. I wept. I was overwhelmed with much emotion. I desired so much of our hearts to be consecrated and that the love for ministry would be renewed. I felt so empowered.

I was emerged into the ministry with Justin and we are both ready to take on the role as a disciple more than ever before. That is living out the life that we read, hear, and speak so much about.

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Oh Dear said...

Oh wow! It is a journey and what an amazing way to "send" you! There is just something about God's people and how they love one another-so precious. I don't know what I would do without them!