Friday, June 19, 2009

It is beginning.

I am starting to get my Internship stuff in the email. I’m getting really excited to pursue this dream of mine. I put in my letter of resignation today. How sad it is to be leaving a good program, but I am so much ready to move forward. So my first assignment was to send an application in the mail to my first placement. Of course, out of all people, mine did not make it there on time and is somewhere lost in the mail. I should have gone with my gut instinct from the beginning and just delivered the applications myself by hand. The shipment was to the local hospital in town. Why it has not arrived there in 3 days is ridiculous when it is only a few blocks from the post office. It is so frustrating. I hope that this is my first and last encounter with a late assignment. My first rotation starts at the VA hospital and I will be getting paid. That’s right. I’m loving that! Justin and I are preparing for what’s ahead. He is starting to book gigs outside of the church for a little extra money. We are confident and believing that this season will go by smoothly.

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