Monday, June 22, 2009


My application was received this morning in the mail. Yay! I’m so glad it made it there. There was a lot of personal information in that envelope.

This weekend was a very refreshing weekend for me. Friday night we made a trip to Louisville to see the Sojourn Band play for their CD release party. It was held at Southeast Christian Church Youth Room (amazing! Room it was). If you have never listened to Brooks Ritter Well, it is time you should. He is amazing!! He only has like two songs on the new CD, which is sad, but the other musicians were good as well. We met our friends, Brittany and Matt, there along with some of their friends. Afterwards, we hit up Cold Stone and got some yummy ice cream. My favorite is coffee ice cream with Heath Bar for the mix-in. YUM!

Saturday, Cristin and Asher came to Lexington to spend the day with me. We went to the Farmers Market and bought some local KY produce and honey. So, while we were buying honey from this crazy guy he looks at Cristin and asks, “Is she your daughter?” Yes he thought I was Cristin’s daughter. We were both very offended. He was more shocked about my age than he was with Cristin’s age. I swear he thought I was like 10 or something. He slammed me with a bunch of questions. Are you in school? You are out! Do you have a job? I told him I worked for WIC and then he went OFF about how WIC should have honey added to the Farmer's Market vouchers and how ridiculous it was. Cristin and I were both floored. No wonder he had no customers. He was quite rude if you asked me. One day I will be thankful for the young comments, but for now it is kind of embarrassing. Should I start dressing older and wearing more make up. I don’t know. Sunday morning at Church, someone else also commented on my age. She was a little better at guessing though. She thought I was like 20 years old. That wasn’t so bad.

Ok, back to my weekend. Cristin, Asher, and I ate at a local restaurant downtown called MIA’s. It was delicious. I will definitely go back. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool and taking naps. Justin helped out by babysitting Asher for a little bit while we got to lay out. Look at these adorable pics of Asher. He was so fascinated with his swimming trunks that he couldn’t keep his eyes off of them. He loves bright colors.

Sunday, Justin and I grabbed a bite to eat then came home to take a two-hour nap. Grilled out and watched the Golf tournament. This was a much-needed restful weekend for the both of us.

We didn’t get to do much for Fathers day with our Dads. Justin’s dad was out of town and my dad was to far away. So we will celebrate when Walt gets home and we are planning a trip to Bardstown in the next couple of weeks. Should be fun!

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