Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Did any of you make it to PULSE on Sunday night? It was an awesome night, but All PULSE’s are quite an experience. PULSE is a worship and prayer gathering we have quarterly at our church. It is a night where we get to check our own pulse and see if it is in beat with GOD. One constant theme is that of a sail. Is our life allowing God to blow the wind and sail us along life or are we getting in the way? Sunday night was a night of repentance for me and taking communion was a new meaning.

I was committed to staying with Justin all day to be near him. Of course he had to be at the church setting up for PULSE after the morning worship experiences. Bless his heart and others too that never left the building that day until everything was over at like 9pm. Usually on a day like this it is hectic and stressful, but this time it was not. People gathered together and helped. It was very peaceful and I actually enjoyed being there. Its funny how people set the mood. This time everyone there was glad to be there and willing to take part in helping however with no boundaries in the way.

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Tiffeney said...

Thanks for the advice about running. I think I could do the Chicago one this year, but I need more time to prepare mentally. I would like to do the Chicago one day. I think if those people can do it on biggest loser, then I can to. Let me know how your training goes. It's nice to have some extra encouragement!!!