Tuesday, February 17, 2009

our living room in the works

Here are the final products of our record holders. I really like them. I'm glad Justin suggested these. I like knowing we have an artistic ambiance in the home with music and lots of books. I swear we have books, books, and more books! It stinks living in an apt and not getting to paint the walls. I just don't quite feel like our apt is very homie. Here's a pic of our living room. We are trying to find a rug right now and we still need to hang our curtains. I hope we can get it to be awesome! awesome for us anyways. Dont laugh at our tv. we are so outdated but we dont care. Less is our motto right now.

Heres when we got our couch and set up our living room.

Then we bought a rug and tried different pillows.

I dont think i am a big fan of the rug. still considering......


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Its looking good!! You have to have us over soon :)

Kristen said...

It looks great and the album covers are awesome indeed. I love the colors of all the different albums. Great idea! And I feel your pain with the white wall syndrome. We rented for the first 5 years of our marriage and we had the same feelings and disdain for white walls. But the album covers sure brighten it up!