Friday, February 6, 2009

Awhile back before we moved to Lexington I had posted about taking a GRE class. I finally decided to take the test. I really wish I had took the test right after the class, but we had hit some big life changes. I got a new job, we moved to Lexington, and Christmas hit. Today was the day, I worked until 11am then off to take the test. Now let me inform you that I am not always on top of things. I went to check into the test and they would not let me pass through because my license was expired. yeah i know shame on me. My license has been expired for three months. I was waiting on the move. However, they did let me leave to get a new license so I could come back and take the test. Thank Goodness!!! The whole time I was very calm and chilled. It took me about an hour to get my license updated and the rest followed through. The GRE is freaking ridiculous. I did better than I thought I would do and not as well as I really wanted to do. Oh well, I am convinced that my life is not defined by tests I take or what job I have in life. I'm just glad it is over.


tara said...

I too hated the GRE. Don't feel bad. I don't know of anyone who did as well as they wanted to--myself included.

I also need to renew my license. It's not expired yet,but will be soon. I'm always sure I'll get pulled over the very next day after it expires if I don't renew it.

And I wore red yesterday. Thanks for the reminder!

HipHome said...

I finally got your blog to load onto mine. Yours and Kristies I could never get to load and today they did! Woo hoo!!

Mindy Rohr said...

The GRE is HORRIBLE...note why I didn't go to grad school. The testing facility was the worst place I had ever been in and I did better then I thought I would, but not well enough to compete with the other people wanting into the program I wanted into. Blah to the GRE!