Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone! (I know I am a day late, oops)

Our holidays were good this year. I definitely was not in a cheery mood this year nor did I feel like being in the Holiday spirit. It has been a tough month and Christmas kind of sneaked up on us. I did however enjoy spending time with both my family and Justin’s. It was actually very peaceful this year between both of the fam’s which is very unusual especially with my family. I promise you, for a few years there was some kind of fight going on amongst my siblings. Two years ago there was an actual down on the ground fistfight. Yeah. Crazy. This year though everyone got along and enjoyed themselves. I was pleased. It was fun seeing my nieces and nephews get SO excited about their gifts. Children can make anyone smile!

heres a pic of my parents and siblings from the wedding (its a little dark) and a summer pic of the nieces and nephews. I dont have any pics on hand of Justin's fam. Sorry there are no updated photos. I think I am gonna have to buy a new cord.

Justin and I have not set any kind of traditions for christmas. I hope in the future with our own children we can come up with some of our own. Justin's family reads the bible story every year. His grandfather is wonderful about getting everyone together in the living room and have the oldest and youngest generation read from the bible. Our great-grandmother - Babbi - 86 years old (i think) reads from Isaiah and cousin Jordyn who is 16 reads from Luke. Then we have the opportunity to share our thoughts with each other. At some point of the night hymns pour out. If you dont already know the Rhorer boys can sing. It is such a blessing to be a part of the Rhorer Family.

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