Friday, November 7, 2008

A Passion of Mine

Todays weather has been cold and rainy. It makes me want to just go home, wrap up in a blanket, and read or watch a good sappy movie. I think I will as soon as I am done posting. I am starting to get settled in with my job finally. I really have enjoyed working for the Health Dept. It is so nice to know you don't have to work weekends and holidays. This is my FIRST job since I was 16 that I dont have to work weekends and holidays. I even get off early on Friday's like around 1 or 2. It is so nice. Most of the people I work with are super friendly and enjoyable to work with. There is one location I dislike working at. At times this location is chaotic and very stressful, but everywhere else is much better. If you dont remember I am a Nutrition Specialist for WIC. I am the lady you sit with and get a nutrition education before receiving your vouchers. I have to do heights, weights, and prick fingers on Mom's and children. THeres a list of questions that I have to ask the mom's to see if they or their child is at nutritional risk. I am also a huge advocate for breastfeeding. I don't get to help much with it, but I do try to convince moms to breastfeed and give them any material to encourage them to breastfeed.

For some reason I am so passionate about breastfeeding. I dont have any children so I have never breastfed. I care much about nutrition and women though so maybe that is why. I dont know but whatever the case I do enjoy talking about it and helping moms with it. I think there are so many moms that really dont know the great benefit of Breastfeeding. The norm is to formula feed and to even talk about breastfeeding in some places it seems like a sin. ha. people snicker and back away like it is so dirty to do it. Seriously though, isnt Breastfeeding what we are originally suppose to do. God created us. He knew what he was doing. God gave us everything we needed to survive. It is natural for a woman's body to produce milk and to feed her child. Culturally though formula is more prestige. I just dont get it. Breastfeeding is original, natural, and beautiful. Formula has just been given so much attention that it has taken over our society. WOmen dont know how to breastfeed anymore because society tells them not to and it just doesnt seem right. Therefore everyone thinks formula is the best. Whatever. I'm hoping there will be a 360 in the future and breastfeeding is 1st choice, not last. I want women to be educated on WHY they should breastfeed and HOW to breastfeed. It used to be that moms could teach their daughters, but thats not the case anymore. Breastfeeding is easy once learned and it can be done. Some moms think they dont produce enough milk, but that is a myth for most moms. I'm not saying that all MOM's can breastfeed but I would say 95% of mom's can breastfeed if EDUCATED with everything they need to know about it. I dont want anyone to think that I am condemning those who do formula feed. It is a mom's choice to do what she wants and babies do fine on formula. I was formula fed for goodness sake. I'm just tired of how breastfeeding is viewed and the lack of knowledge. Have you really ever thought about breastfeeding? If not, why? Do you know what the benefits are for the baby and for you? Does it bother you to see another woman breastfeeding? I'm tired of those who do snicker at the sight of someone breastfeeding or someone who is thinking about breastfeeding their child. We dont snicker at those formula feeding. My advice is that if you are SERIOUSLY considering breastfeeding pick up a book and read about it, go to a breastfeeding class, have a Lactation consultant's number on hand, and look forward to it with a positive attitude. If you see someone breastfeeding, praise them and be glad in her decision.

Well i'm done ranting and raving. I hope you dont mind me.

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lucyhannah said...

I agree COMPLETELY. People think that formula is the same as breast milk. They think that because we live in such a modern world we can just replicate breast milk and sell it in a bottle. NOPE--can't do it, it's not the same, and I agree that everyone needs to read about it before they make a decision. It's SO MUCH CHEAPER, too! I'm glad that you have a job where you can educate people about this topic :) Hooray!