Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, let me just say, I have not had the best hair during my lifetime. I am that girl that does not know how to fix her hair. I have tried my best, but every time I look at a picture I think to myself, "Wow, not the best hair." I only like my hair when I have to fix it all pretty for weddings or dances. Hair products may help my hair look a little better, but I don't want to spend the money on them right now. Sooooooo, my mission is to find a new hair style that I can keep up with that looks GOOD. I have no idea what to do. Here are a few of my hair pics over several years. Ugghhh....I hate looking at them. I'm brave to even share them.

Here are a few hairstyle I like, but they seem kind of similar to what I already have.


MLR said...

I think a long swing bob would look adorable on you! (longer version of Katie Holmes, no bangs). Keep any eye out for Ulta promotions and coupons. You can get liter size bottles of Bead head and other great products for $9.99 and they last FOREVER! I like Bed Head Superstar which is sulfate free and smells like strawberries. You can you a 20% off one item(google for one) on top of those specials. Right now I think they are running buy two get two free on a lot of hair products!

Oh Dear said...

You are so stink'n cute-you could pull of any of those!

Kristen said...

I can't believe you've had those thoughts about your hair! You always look so great and stylish! And I agree with "Oh Dear", you could totally pull off any of those styles and look amazing!