Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its the start of a New Year for everyone, and all I can think about is my New Year starting June 4. That is the last day of my Internship. I'm counting down the days. I will be in an office starting this week with two other Interns and we have decided to make a count down list. It will not be much longer before the end of this misery. Woot woot!

Justin and I moved into a new apartment down the road from our other to save money. Well not to save money, but to be able to live without going into more debt. We love the new place. We live in an old house on the top floor. It is nice, warm, and cozy. It feels much more like home compared to our last apt. I love it!

Whats new?!?! Um, not much. My life is homework and will continue to be until this Internship ends. I hate it and so does every other Intern, but I am thankful to be in the program. Soon I will be a Registered Dietitian, and I will no longer have to do schooling unless I plan to proceed with a masters. However, that is far,far away from my thoughts at this time.

toodle loo!

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Oh Dear said...

Hang in there Erica!