Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

There is so much to be Thankful for! Here are a few things.....

Justin - He's a wonderful husband who is nothing, but encouraging, loving, honest, and risky. I love him!

Family - I am thankful my parents love me dearly. They have shown me a committed relationship and I can not help, but say Thanks! They have shown me how to love and care for others. My bros and sisters are awesome too! I have the greatest in-laws. They are the best! My brother/sister in laws are also amazing! I have been truly blessed with a great family.

Friends - I could say so much about my friends! They are dear to me! I have supportive, encouraging, honest, and true friends!

Vineyard Community Church - VCC is a wonderful family. It is a comfortable, loving place. Everyday I am moved and driven to follow my LORD.

The Internship - Even though I hate it everyday - its going to be worth it at the end!

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mpoppins said...

Doesn't sound like the internship experience hasn't changed much! It was a difficult year. You are right. It is well worth it.