Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have completed one month of my internship! 9 more to go! I am hanging in there, but at times I feel weak. Doing homework is not so bad at the beginning because of the adrenaline, but I am concerned about a month from now and what I will think then. I'm already tired of being on the computer. I love learning. I love every bit of it. Its easy though to get tired of the gruelsome work.

Right now I am on the Renal (kidney) rotation. I have empathy for those who have dialysis treatments and their restricted diet. If I could donate my kidney, I would. Our kidneys are so important in body function and to loose it = decreased quality of life. Why am I not an organ donor? I dont know. I need to get that changed soon!

Life is good. I cant wait to finally be officially an RD. Makes me happy thinking about it.

Pulse was amazing this past sunday. I've been thinking a lot about how thankful I am. I dont say thanks enough. Really, I look back at my life and see each detail in my life and where the LORD has led me to today.


Tiffeney said...

I know how that feels Erica! Rest in knowing that you are not fighting alone. Our God is a consuming fire! I will be praying for you and your family over the next few months!

tara said...

I love reading your blog. You are so open and honest. It's refreshing to hear someone being so real. Keep it up! I need to figure out how to be more like that!