Monday, July 6, 2009

The new icon.

The International Breastfeeding Symbol

If you have been reading my blog for awhile or you are my friend you will know that I love breastfeeding and that I like to talk about it. I really can't pinpoint where my love started from. I do love nutrition and I love learning about women and infancy nutrition. I think I became most curious when my coworkers were breastfeeding their babies and pumping in the office. I know some of them were having problems and I realized I knew nothing about it. Here I am so consumed with organic nutrition, but I don't even know anything about human milk. I desired to learn more so I started checking out books from the library and reading them. I was so happy learning about it that I pretty much read a book to my husband the whole way home from a Columbus trip. He is now educated with me! Anyways, I started looking into becoming a Certified Lactation Consultant. I took a class as my first step. All I can say about that class is WOW!!!! I sat in the class shocked at how much I did not know and how much there is to know about it. I was saddened and excited all at the same time. I was sad realizing that I will be a mom soon and if I had not sparked interest and read books and took this intensive class I would be so lost in the world of breastfeeding. My heart goes out to the moms who go into breastfeeding having no education whatsoever about it. That is scary. I soon started working for WIC at the health department and WIC is PRO BF all the way. Every day I have to educate moms about the benefits of breastfeeding and I also get to help them with problems they may be having. There is a great Lactation consultant who works with me that I have learned so much from. Even my friends who are breastfeeding I continue to learn more and more. Every situation is different. I just want to say I am so PROUD of the moms who are breastfeeding and who are pumping to give their babies the best nutrition available!!!!!

Every day I am saddened by how little moms know about breastfeeding which leads to shorter durations of breastfeeding. In the next few posts I plan to share some myths and knowledge about breastfeeding. I know there are so many stories moms can share about breastfeeding. Believe me I have heard tons. I am thankful for all the stories. I just want to share some things that may be able to help some moms out. I hope you stay positive with me as I share some tips on this blog. Until then I would like to share this great website with you. KELLYMOM

One day I do hope to become a Certified Lactation Consultant. I don't know if that is exactly God's plan for me, but I sure do think that it would be fun.


Oh Dear said...

Yeah for you! I thought after a boat load of problems with nursing baby #1 and starting low milk production, I would be fine with #2. I was, but this time I had too much milk which of course regulates. Now I have had the best of both worlds, baby #3 would be cake-WRONG again-latch issues but they all worked themselves out. Babies #1 and #2 for almost 18 months and baby #3 for 16 months-had to cut short since I was leaving the country for over a week. I agree could not imagine doing it without a class and support of a consultant!
My sister adopted a baby. With our son in her car, she asked him to feed the baby a bottle. Our son did so with instruction but told my sister, "My mom has got to get some of these (bottles.)" He honestly had no idea there was another way. :)

Kristen said...

I loved this post today because Jordana just weaned last week. I had a lot of milk production issues at the beginning of our nursing journey. But during it all, I just remember asking the Lord to help me be able to nurse Jordana for a year. And lo and behold, she was nearly 26 months by the time we were done! So this post was so awesome because I'm going through nursing withdrawals this week :-)