Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm having the Mondays

This past weekend was kind of a blur. I had to work at the hospital. I’m working there once a month to keep my foot in the door and to help out during my internship. (I’m not able to work the first semester of my internship though). My thoughts always juggle whether or not to keep on with this job because it takes so much out of me the weekends I do work. It would be silly though and not wise for me to quit at this time, especially with all the economic hardship going around. I basically worked and slept this weekend. I’m thinking I got to much sleep, which stinks because now I feel more tired than rested.

I’m having the blues and wish I could get out of my funk. When I get down like this I start wishing things in life were different. Really though everything is panning out better than I could ask for. I got into a great internship program and we are moving forward. I’m having baby fever and wishing we lived in a little cottage house with a yard and back porch. I miss having people over and cook-outs. I miss being able to provide a comfortable and cozy place for people to stay over. I miss having a decent kitchen that motivated me to cook. I miss privacy and the quiet, being able to go to sleep with out hearing noises above our head. Most of all I miss our small group. I miss hosting and being hospitable to those who entered my home. I know this is only a season and soon it will be no more.

Believe me I understand there is much worse situations out there, and I don’t really have any reason to complain. I know everyone has the blues at times and the desire for things. I’m just sharing with you some of my desires.

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