Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My heart is saddened

Friday I received terrible news that a good friend's husband passed away. My heart stopped for a minute, I gasped and suddenly came back to reality. NO WAY!!! no way!! this could not have happened. He was SO young. To die at 33 with no warning signs seems out there. I am at a loss for words. really. All I know is he went to bed and never woke back up. Kate is now a widow and a single mom of a nine month old. Here is a perfect situation to ask WHY, why God?? Even though I know the question will not be answered.

I have not stopped praying for Kate and Will since I heard the news. There are so many things captivating my mind. I have been more clingy to Justin in the past few days then I have since our first days of dating. I am more aware of the words I say to people and the love I have for them. This reminds me to speak love into people as much as possible so they know my heart towards them. The words life is short and never take it for granted is often forgotten. We are never guaranteed tomorrow. As scripture says, "Rejoice! for this is the day the LORD has made, rejoice and be glad in it! Life is so Precious!

Also, I can not help but think of FAITH. In times of trouble where do I turn, what do I believe, and what will get me through this. The LORD is my Strength and my salvation whom then shall i fear? I question, LORD am I walking with you? Do I trust you? Are you who you say you are? I hope Kate is leaning on our LORD and finds strength in and through HIM during this hard heartbreaking time. I hope she knows she is not alone and WILL make it through this. I carry with you this burden, Kate and will pray for you continuously as life moves along hoping you find JOY in the midst of life.

May Peace Find you.....

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tara said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for sharing from your heart. I love to ready your blog because you are so open and honest and talk about things that really matter. We'll keep your friends in our prayers.