Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter here has begun.

Oh the winter storm; it has stunned every one and has put our cities in an uproar. I have been very impressed with the promptness of everyone working together to get the power back on and keeping the roads clean. Justin and I have been lucky to not loose power, but our friends were not so lucky. This week has been different in which we have been staying with our friend Cristin. She is about to pop out a baby anytime and her husband Ben has been out of town for the whole week. I was not about to let her stay home, expecting a child any moment, alone. She’s crazy for thinking so. So Justin and I packed our bags for the week in Richmond. Cristin’s electricity went out on Wednesday and so did our friends Daniel and Heidi. I gathered all of us together and we made our way to Justin’s parents house and stayed the night. It was quite interesting. Walt and Vicki have a very small house. There were eight of us there hanging out, cramped, but very much enjoying ourselves together. We cooked dinner, played Wii, chatted, played a few board games, watched season 3 of the Office, and had a LOST party. I really wish I had pictures of all us cramped in this tiny house. (note to self….always carry a camera with you and take pics) Thursday was very fun for all of us. We got out of the house, ate lunch, and spent some time shopping. It felt so good to get out of the house and do something. It is not fun when you are stuck in one place for days. I understand the word cabin fever now.

Oh the joy of working for the government. Work can actually be called off or be delayed. That is never the case when working at the hospital. I was at work on Wednesday morning and the power went off. It was absolute chaos because no one knew what to do and we had clients in the waiting room. Luckily they sent us home and closed down the health dept.

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