Monday, January 12, 2009

Does anyone out there besides me, have people in their lives that absolutely make life miserable? I can name quite a few, but lately it has been a few specific people. No names will be mentioned. I have been fighting bitterness and anger in my heart with these people. No matter what you do, it is wrong. No matter what you say, it is not right. I cannot do anything without feeling I am patrolled over. It has been quite daunting I tell you. It is in a few different places these situations have occurred. As you all know, one of my goals is to be more positive and uplifting. These people soon affect my mood, which challenges my goal. I do believe it is our enemy prowling around fighting to make yours and mine life miserable.

How do you fight the bitterness and the anger? There are many areas of my life that provoke this mood/feeling. I believe there is a deeply rooted generational sin that has been around since Day 1 of my life. I want to break this bondage and find freedom in my weaknesses. I am beginning to pray for these struggles of mine hoping there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have hit the end of complete exhaustion from my bitterness and anger that eventually lead to sadness. It can be quite easy to find bitterness in situations. If Naomi can be freed from the name Mara, I can too!

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In the Meantime said...

thanks for your honest post, friend.
i have found myself in the same boat as you and thought i'd share my thoughts: i was shocked and awed today by the power of prayer. my mom challenged me to pray about something and said she'd be praying with me... i was kind of incredulous about it, not expecting anything to change. but you know what? everything changed in the course of about a 1/2 an hour!
as for the bitterness, this is something i've struggled with as long as i can remember. i don't have an answer yet for you, but you aren't alone. i appreciate your willingness to call yourself out and look for ways to change. i just started a new bible study/workbook called Biblical Foundations For Freedom by Art Mathias. i'm only on chapter 2 but it is going to deal with strongholds like bitterness, rage, anger, etc... how they effect so much of our physical and spiritual lives. i'll keep you posted on how it goes and let you know if it's worth buying. love you!