Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lexington, Here we come!!!!!

So it’s official. Justin and I are moving to Lexington. I have been waiting for this day for a while. Not that I am rushing to move away from our friends. I am just ready to embark on a new journey. You see, I love change! I love new things in my life. Plus, I don’t like to drive far distances everyday. We are moving right off Richmond Rd. to Patchen Oaks apartment. We are taking a huge cut in our house and downsizing to pea size place. Justin and I are both excited about it because it forces us to simplify our lives, to remove junk, and to be organized! The only thing though is we love to have people over. At times we range from 20-30 people in our house. Our pea size place may not fit that many people. This is not going to stop our home of invitation. We may not be able to fit 30 people there, but we will still have an open door policy for whoever wants to come over and for those who want to sleep on our couch! December 17th we can officially move in. J

On a sad note, Justin’s car broke down again this week. It’s a Camry. They are not suppose to break down J It is old though, so it is inevitable. Then our computer crashed this week and it needed repairing. You know I do believe the saying when it rains sometimes it pours and right now it is pouring on us J God is Trustworthy. Our life is not supposed to be a bubble of complete happiness all the time, but rather Joyful, and I am very joyful where he has us!

I am starting to work on Internship applications. I have been in a state of prayer for this since marriage, and I still have no idea what I am to do. They just cost so much money and we are already paying on a lot of school loans. I will also be out of work for 6-9 months. Not good for us. On the other hand, I will be able to be a Registered Dietitian to where I would have more job flexibility and maybe better pay. There is one Internship that is free of charge and that is UK hospital and it also pays a little bit of money. If God allowed me this opportunity it would be the best for our family financially. I am not God though and I don’t always understand what he is doing and why. If anyone has any words of wisdom, hope, or direction I would appreciate them. I think about this way too often and it really does get me down in the dumps. How do you know what to do?

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