Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

I can’t believe Christmas will be here in two weeks. I have not even really started Christmas shopping or making the presents I intend to make. It’s going to be interesting to see how I can manage to craft, shop, pack, clean, move, and work in those two weeks. I love Christmas. I am one of those people who LOVES Christmas music. I could almost listen to 94.5 all day on the radio. Justin is so great. Every year he downloads new Christmas music for me. We like to play it while decorating for Christmas and when we are just lounging around. I wouldn’t say Justin LOVES Christmas music, but he tolerates it. Besides, he picks out Christmas music he enjoys too. I also LOVE giving. I don’t get to get gifts for as many people as I like because of our short flow of cash, but I do try to be creative with some gifts. It makes me happy to see others happy!

In December 2003 I spent three weeks in China. It was my first Christmas away from family and friends. It was such a special time for me. It was a time to reflect on why we really celebrate Christmas. I was away from all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and surrounded by people who knew very little or even nothing as to why we celebrated Christmas. I mean you would see a few Chinese men dressed as Santa’s on the streets and some Christmas trees here and there, but it was nothing like in America. I was also with a group of friends who loved God. I remember Christmas night (which was a day earlier there) my friends and I sat around in the hotel room singing worship songs, praising god, reading from the bible, and fellowshipping with each other. Wow, I have never, in all the years I have been alive, celebrated Jesus during Christmas as much as I did that night and weeks in China. It was beautiful! Coming back to America was hard. Anyone who has traveled overseas can understand what you go through when coming home. It is easy to get mad at America and become heartbroken. I did. For weeks. Now I am back to spending Christmas in the hustle and bustle, numb to things. I LOVE this season because it is joyful and cheery. While I am enjoying my Christmas music and shopping for gifts I hope I never forget though those three weeks in China. I hope I spend every Christmas in our Rhorer family truly worshiping Jesus. Most of all I hope every day of our lives is worshiping our creator.

I also LOVE a Charlie Brown Christmas! Take some time out and watch it this season!

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Kristen said...

Erica, I really enjoyed this post and it is such a great reminder to us Americans to remember what Christmas truly is about. I get caught up in the craziness too, but that's why I appreciate posts just like this one to bring me back to the truth of the season. Oh and congrats on your move!