Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm not good with keeping up with this blog. We dont have internet at the house so its not easy to post whenever. :( Lately, I feel like Justin and I have been super busy. I wish life would just slow down a bit. We were out every night this week doing something. We had fun, but at the end we were very irritable and sleepy and ended up crashing. We slept for about two hours today. Sometimes it is so nice to just stay in, relax on the couch, and do absolutely nothing.

So what have we been up to? Friday and Sat. we went to Florence, KY and visited our good friends Bryan and Christy Duncan. It was such a good time to hang out and catch up. We dont get to see them often so our times together are so sweet and a blessing. Bryan and Christy have a new addition to the family, Mya Brynn. Babies, babies, babies! Justin and I are at that phase of life where we get the question about babies and so we talk about it quite often. Actually, I talk about it with my girlfriends more so. So, it was nice actually being around a little one this weekend. Justin went canoeing all day Sat. with Bryan and his youth group. Christy, Mya, and I just spent the day together around the house catching up and went out for a little bit of shopping. It was good times!

Justin and I have been talking when will be a good time for us to expand the family. We are not for sure, but we are praying for wisdom and faith. I hope soon, but we are not sure how soon.

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