Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As of Now....

I am only 4 weeks away from delivery - 36 weeks preggo
Am I scared?  Only curious of the unknown....
My lower back has been hurting - very painful
Do I plan to go all natural - I'm hoping too, but who knows what will happen
I have lots of charlie horses in my legs and other weird places (very weird)
My ankles are swelling daily
I get tired very easy
Im not sure what to think except what I have left to get done
The baby room is pretty much finished
I have things that need to be put away in storage
I need to organize my closets & cabinets - Who knows when that will happen
I'd like to get our cars interiors detailed clean
And install the car seats
One of our cars is broken down with a transmission leak
I need to pack a hospital bag
And print the Birth Plan
Isaiah likes to move the most when I'm sitting alone and its very quiet
I start my weekly appointments tomorrow
My brother gets married 9/10/11 & my due date is 9/14/11
My husband has been very gracious, caring, and loving

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Oh Dear said...

I so remember these....for baby #3 it was to have a clean fridge, cabinets wiped down, and my toe nails polished....I think I got the nails done and I am not sure the cabinets have been fully wiped down since baby arrived almost 4 years ago! My sister took pity on my after baby arrived and cleaned the fridge. I pray you forget the physical pain once you look at his sweet face! Excited for you guys!