Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here I am

I have officially been in my job for a month now. It has been super exciting to move forward as an official Dietitian. However, I still have the registration exam hanging over my head.  I'm not sure when I am going to schedule the test again, but it will be soon. I'm not the best test taker and it scares the bonkers out of me. 

It's crazy how you think when you have accomplished a goal in life that things will slow down.  It doesn't.  I am an achiever I have learned. I'm constantly needing to accomplish something which is a good and bad thing.   I have so many tasks that I'm hoping to accomplish in the next year.  Being an adult is full of so much responsibility, but it is fun.

Somethings we are hoping to accomplish in the near future.

Expand our family
Buy a house
Host lots of friends and family
Give more
Love more
and just be more

I am hosting a small group in my little apartment with some close girlfriends of mine. I'm super excited to share life with them more intimately and find Christ as our sole provider. We will be diving into Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible Study.

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