Monday, May 24, 2010

Job Update

I heard last week that a friend of mine that works at Saint Joseph was hired for the UK position I interviewed for. I am very happy for this friend of mine, however, this does mean that I did not get the job, so onto more job hunting. For those who do not know, I have worked for Saint Joe for almost 4 years now. I was hired there as a diet tech and when I moved on to work for the health department I stayed on at St Joe in a casual status(working once every 3 months). Even during the Internship I continued to work there every so often. I really love working for St. Joe. The employees there are great to work with. Everyone is so friendly and like family. That's why I stayed there because one day I wanted to be a dietitian working there. So now is the time to apply for the position my friend is leaving. The position will be a casual position which means no benefits or holidays will come along with the job. This is not my ideal situation, but it is a place where I would love to work, and there is hope that there will one day be an opportunity to move into a full time position. Job hunting is so hard and kind of daunting. It is so nerve racking to interview and the waiting can be frustrating. My life is not my life, and plans are not my plans. It is the LORDS plan that prevails. I desire his will and not my own. Theres always lots to think about.

On another note here is a great music video Justin posted on my facebook wall.

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