Monday, May 11, 2009

Muff, Muff, Muffins!!!!!!

Monday, blah. I cant get over this croupy cough and my nose is plugged. I'm dying for this to just vanish. I had to work a late night, and it was the longest day ever. I had to zone for an hour when I got home to recollect myself. After that I gained a little bit of energy and decided to bake a little. I made some delicious muffins. Since we are on a tight budget I cant buy Starbucks blueberry muffins anymore or coffee. I am still craving those darn muffins, probably because I cant have them! As a solution I found a recipe in the good ole Betty Crocker cookbook that was so simple. Why havent I always been doing this??? I have no idea. I, like everyone else, assume it is going to take so much longer than those packaged mixes. WRONG! Now I have one for every morning this week!! I'm so excited!

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lucyhannah said...

they look fantastic! if I ever get excited enough to decide to not use a pre-mixed something when baking then I'm def. coming to you for the recipe.